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Professional Mixing Services


Music recording is our speciality. We bring our expertise to you and ensure that every note is captured to perfection.

Location Sound


We have the experience and equipment to manage all aspects of sound recording for TV, film, radio & digital media.

Sound Mobile

Our fully equipped sound vehicle brings the studio to you, capturing the atmosphere of any location or event.

Portable Vocal Booth

Our custom made, portable sound booth is ideal for recording voice overs, pick ups and phone interviews wherever you are.

Soundguy Recording Ltd specialises in location sound recording for television, radio, film and digital media. We have 20 years experience working with production companies and individuals to produce high quality results. Our expertise in music recording and mixing has led to projects with world class singers and musicians across a wide range of genres, as well as a varied selection of sport, drama, documentary and advertising work. We have bases in Cardiff and London and work across the UK & overseas.



Projects and Clients

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Soundguy Recording Ltd

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