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Based in Wales and West London

Freelance Broadcast Mixer, Location Sound Recordist, Production Sound Mixer, Music mixer and Post mixer.


Soundguy Recording Ltd is run by Jules Davies. It specialises in location sound recording, Post and Music Mixing for television, radio, film and digital media.


I am an award winning Sound Recordist and Music Mixer I have over 20 years experience working with production companies and individuals to produce high quality results.

I offer professional recording, broadcast mixing, music mixing and post mixing services.

Location Sound Recording

I have over twenty years experience working on all types of television and film projects from single camera documentaries to multi camera reality television programs. I have worked throughout my career on a  varied selection of sport, drama, documentary, streaming services and advertising work. Find out more here.

Music Recording

My expertise in music recording and mixing has led to music production projects with world class singers and musicians across a wide range of genres. I am able to capture live performances in concert or live sessions in all types of location for broadcast. Details of my Sound Mobile recording van can be found here.

Music Mixing

I have been mixing music regularly for broadcast throughout my career and can transform your multitracks into amazing masters.

Post Mixing

​ I can finish your edit with outstanding audio to match your pictures.


I have bases in Wales, London and France.  I work across the UK & overseas.


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